Tom Dobrowolski's multi-platform collaborative text editor.

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Quick tutorial:

Step 1. Run "me.exe".

If you are running ME for the first time, you should choose a screen name for yourself. 
Do this by selecting Options..Nick name in menu.

Step 2. Connect.

To connect to other users, you can either join an existing server or host a new server. See "readme.txt" provided with ME for more information about hosting. To join an existing server, select File..Join in the menu.

Now enter the server address. You may use our public ME server (which we use mostly for testing purposes). To do this, type "" and press ENTER.

Step 3.  Select file from the list.

If the server is a standalone server (meaning it can host multiple files), a file list should appear after connecting. From here, move your text cursor to the line containing file you want to edit, and press CTRL+ENTER (or double-click with mouse). To start a new file, move your text cursor to the line containing "djoinnew (new file)", press CTRL+ENTER (or double-click).

If the file is protected (or you want to protect your new file), you must type the password.

Step 4.  Wait until file is downloaded.

"ME" will start downloading the file. A connection status in the top-right corner indicates if the file is ready to edit or not. You should wait until the "editing" status appears.

Step 5.  Edit file with your friends.

Other users can join the same file - and this is where the fun begins! Up to 14 users can edit the same file at the same time.

Step 6.  Disconnect.

Use File..Disconnect and select appropriate disconnect option. Wait until the connection status changes to "offline". If this takes a long time, try selecting disconnect again. Now you can edit offline and save the file on your local hard drive, or connect to another file/server.

Step 7.  Shut down "ME".

Select File..Disconnect / exit, press ALT+F4, or click the [X] button at the top-right of the window.

See "readme.txt" for more detailed instructions.

Copyright 2003-2005 by Tom Dobrowolski. All Rights Reserved.